Thursday, August 27, 2009

DERROTA - Asko Infinito LP

RAM07DERROTA - Asko Infinito LP (color vinyl ltd 100)
New LP of these tireless punks from Valencia, Spain. which in a way summarizes and condenses the 5 years of existence and its evolution as a band. With a crust influenced punk-rock base, they mix elements from death-rock or post-punk making the whole sound very solid, original and outstanding. Political nihilism and social rancour on their lyrics, filthily beautiful artwork. Alltogether, a fine work of modern punk. More raw than their previous efforts with an almost more "crudos" style feel to their guitar. featuring a LARSEN cover. includes a 20 page booklet with lots of artwork and lyrics translated in Spanish, French, German and English. every white sleeve has hand stamped logos. check out their previous splits with LEADERSHIT, HORROR and AMBULANCE. plans of DERROTA touring the US in Summer 2010 are in the works! PRESSING OF 500 LPs with 100 on light Opaque green and 400 on Black.

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